Communication Is Key

Public relation is defined many different ways by many different people. Ultimately, the term public relations was finally defined as “a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics” (Seitel, pg. 1, 2014). This makes sense because in essence the main goal is to properly communicate and inform one group to another about a particular service or product. Thus, doing so creates a relationship between both parties. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean an organization is only building relationships to find buyers. They build these relationships to maintain a positive image with their consumers and the general public (Root, n.d.).

Communication is key in public relations. How we communicate is very important and in most cases it will be the deciding factor on how the general public will view an organization. New advanced technology, such as smart phones and tablets, has given people easy access to social media’s, websites, blogs, vlogs, and much more to find information about an organization. Imagine a company like Apple without the ability to communicate their newest product to the public. Yes, perhaps the tech savvy people would understand how to work an iPhone and its new features but would the rest of the Apple users know how to use their latest software; I don’t believe they would.

This is why communication is important but what does communication truly achieve? Well the typical goals of communication is to inform, persuade, and build some mutual understanding with the consumer or public. For instance, by informing, Apple would simply educate their consumers on some of their latest software and hardware updates. Then persuading the consumers with their high-end and maximized performance features compared to their competitors but not in an aggressive way. Lastly, building that mutual understanding with the public so they can express any of their concerns. All of this communication is done through public relation professionals, which is what makes Apple’s public relation departments one of the best in the world. Much of this is done to spread awareness to the general public about what is trending around the world.

Apple Article On PR

Importance of Communication (Short Article)




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