How Public Opinion Influenced A Popular YouTube Channel


In late January of 2016, a YouTube channel by the name of TheFineBros found themselves in a serious debacle. The Fine Brothers Entertainment was created by Benny & Rafi Fine and are widely known for their “React” video series on YouTube. The video series contains people watching online clips then responding to what they just watched after the clip was done. It was a simple and genius idea because it certainly drew the attention of 14 million subscribers to their channel. However, they would soon release a video explaining their plan to trademark and license their popular video format of “reaction videos”. This caused a rage in the YouTube community including the public’s opinion on how they viewed the Fine brothers. Many believed they were being hypocritical and greedy. There were many followers who un-subscribed to their channel based on their strong opinion towards the issue.

YouTube is a popular website that allows people around the world to post their videos online. Many felt enraged after the Fine brothers went forward with their plans to trademark “react”. People on YouTube post videos about themselves reacting to online clips, movie trailers, video games, and interviews every day. The fact that they would not be able to put the word “react” in their title led many of them to dislike the Fine brother’s video announcement and write negative comments on their video. Their reasoning was simple, the term “react” is too commonly used by many others. This is true, where is the line drawn. If a content creator wanted to post a video of their reaction of purchasing an expensive car or an online trending video would they get sued by the Fine brothers or would their video get flagged by YouTube? These were the questions many content creators were finding themselves asking. Another format on YouTube known as “Let’s Play” is based on content creators playing and completing video games for their fans. Many compared the two terms as commonly used terms on YouTube. As a result, the Fine brothers lost more than 170,000 subscribers from their YouTube channel. The people were simply frustrated and expressed their disapproval of the Fine brother’s plans.


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