Not Doing The Right Thing

When it comes to public relations it is all about earning credibility. It determines if the public will trust the organization with their business. In order for public relations to earn this credibility, it all starts with great ethics conducted by that organization. Weather it’s is ethics in business, sports, government, or journalism they must all follow the same code of conduct; doing the right thing. Ethics can be described in many different ways. It may base on a person’s religious beliefs, abiding by the law, or even justifying what’s right from wrong. Ultimately, ethics is a form of moral principles that manages someone’s behavior.

In recent news, NFL star quarterback Tom Brady has decided not to appeal his suspension to the Supreme Court over the Deflatgate Scandal that occurred in 2015. He announced on his Facebook page that he would no longer proceed with the legal process. Tom Brady FB Post This all started when the Indianapolis Colts accused the New England Patriots of deflating their footballs to give Tom Brady an unfair advantage during the AFC championship game in 2015. There were reports that the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell believed this was probably true. During halftime, the NFL actually measured some of the footballs due to complaints from the Indianapolis Colts. However, the NFL never released those numbers. In case some may not understand the laws of physics, gases contract when they are in cold air and expand when they are in warmer temperatures. In other words, the colder it is the lower pounds per square inch (PSI) there is in a football. Meaning, the lower the PSI in a football the better a quarterback can grip a football under certain conditions.

A lawyer named Theodore V Wells, Jr. was assigned to investigate the Deflatgate Scandal for the league. After further investigation Wells reported: “it was more probable than not” that two members of the Patriots’ locker room staff had “participated in a deliberate effort to release air from Patriots game balls,” and that “it was more probable than not” that Brady was “at least generally aware” of the impropriety.

Tom Brady AFC Game
Tom Brady during the A.F.C. Championship game vs the Colts.

Reports circulated that Tom Brady refused to hand in his phone for investigation and that he had deleted every message in his phone.


The New England Patriots are a great example of the repercussions when not following a code of ethics. This wasn’t the first time they were in the news for not doing the right thing. In 2007, they were accused of video tapping opposing coaches hand signals, which indicates a play from coaches to players to run on the field. This was known as the Spygate Scandal.


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