The Evolution of Press Releases


Press releases have certainly been important not only to businesses, but to convey their message to its consumers. In recent years, news releases have certainly changed with a variety of forms and use of social media. What hasn’t changed is the importance of applying the inverted pyramid method to all news releases. This is extremely important because unlike short stories, press releases are intended to begin with a climax at the beginning of the story. Reporters want to reel people into their press release and place important information first. What has changed is the style of news releases. In the past, most news releases consisted of pure writing content. Not saying that is a boring way of creating a news release because it certainly is a traditional way of doing it. However, time has changed and news releases now incorporate videos and photos to better explain their message to their audience. An online press release can go viral if people start sharing it over social media networks, thereby creating a buzz that was never possible with traditional press releases.

The biggest loser trainer, Pauline Nordin, is a great example of a different style of press release. Her press release was based on a launch of a New Brand and App to help people live lean. She created a full one minute video press release, which became a successful launch. Her press release starts with providing the most important info, which is the release of her app. She proceeds to follow through with why people should care. The app was called “Live Life Lean” and was intended to enable users to keep daily focus on their weight loss and muscle-building goals.

Press Release video created by Pauline Nordin:

Some of the best press releases ensure that the news has values for others to relate to. For instance, there should be a good reason for sending the release and the main focus should

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be on one simple subject. The content should relate to an organization, industry, or community. Journalists want to be able to understand what the product or service is

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intended for, in order to write it out for the public. As mentioned earlier, photos and videos are great tools to utilize in press releases. In fact, studies have shown when press releases provide or embed pictures engagement increases by about 18%. If there are videos embedded or linked engagement increases by about 55%. If creating a press release, understand the main principles of a press releases with answering the; who, what, where, when, why of your release then just be creative.


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